Help: Shell script needs to encrypt a password

Help: Shell script needs to encrypt a password

Post by Michael Di » Fri, 19 Feb 1993 08:52:56

I'm administering a public access Linux box, and I have all of my new users
go through a shell script which adds them an entry to /etc/passwd with a
"sorry, wait till the administrator calls you" shell.

However, they have no passwords when added.

Is there a simple way to take a password, as typed, and crypt it so I can
add it to /etc/passwd along with the rest of the users' info?

This way, they have to login with username/password, but still get no access
till I check them out.

Mail replies, I'll summarize if it's not too blatantly obvious.


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I have a sh script that FTP's to another machine and downloads some
files.  I currently have the username and password in the script:

ftp -n <<EOF
user foouser foopassword
mget *

Is there any way to encrypt the password??  I would like to make it at
least a little difficult for someone to get the password : - )

The script is run as root so its not a problem to change permissions.



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