Help in finding a good backup package.

Help in finding a good backup package.

Post by Kwok Wai L » Sun, 27 Feb 1994 07:50:02

     I have five Sun Sparc10 servers running PC-NFS v5.0 and there are 150
PC directly connected to the servers through PC-NFS. I need a software that
can backup the servers as well as the PCs. Currently, I am using Legato but
it doesn't quite do the job. So please let me know if you can recommend other
backup software to replace Legato. Thanks

K. Lam


1. Where can i find a good unix sort package ?

I am converting fortran code from the VAX to SUN (Solaris 2.3).
Everything was going quite well until, I started looking for
the equivalent of the VAX sort library (SOR$xxx).

I am required to sort a binary file of several milion records by
multiple keys.  All I have found are micky mouse sort routines.

Sorting is a fundemental task, and I am shocked to find so little
in Unix on this.

I would even buy a comercial package,if the price was resonable.
(under 5k)

Any help would be appreciated.

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