Restrict ftp-chdir's to '~user'?

Restrict ftp-chdir's to '~user'?

Post by Sami Lai » Fri, 12 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I would like to enable real users to connect with ftp, but I don't want them
to see what's outside their home directory. Is there a way to restrict real
users into their home directories with wu-ftpd?

I'm prepared to patch the source, but if it's allready done - why bother...



1. Help with 'user', 'w', 'who' commands


I am having a strange problem with commands that are supposed to give me

info on users currently logged in on my linux box. For instance, when I
remotely connect to my linux machine while another user is logged in on
tty1, I'll run the 'users','w', 'who', etc. command to see what they
say.  In return I only get listings pertaining to my userid.  The only
way that I know another user is logged in is because when I run a 'ps
-ef' I can see processes started by another individual and which are
related to X-Window. I guess my question is where do the 'users', etc.
commands get their info from (/etc/passwd?)? Are there any adjustments
that I can make to a particular file in order to get these commands to
work properly?  Why are they not working?  Also, when I issue the 'talk'

command to another user on the same machine, I get an error message.
I'm assuming that this is because Linux, for some reason, isn't
recognizing the other userid (or could it be because the other user
doesn't have an X-term open?). Logging in as root and running 'users',
etc. doesn't help any.  Nor do the man pages.  Any help with this issue
is very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance to all who reply to this post.

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