dlogin/Ultrix 3.1/ and a hung process...

dlogin/Ultrix 3.1/ and a hung process...

Post by Ed Ot » Wed, 03 Apr 1991 23:25:45

Greetings and hallucinations!

I am experiencing a weird problem.

When I use my signon to access the 'dlogin' procedure on my VAX 11/785 running
Ultrix 3.1, everything works fine; when I use ANY OTHER SIGNON EXCEPT ROOT
the process seems to hang - 20 minutes later there was no login on that

I went to another terminal and had no trouble using my signon to access the
other machine.

I have 'system' group assigned to me; the other users do not - could that
make a difference?

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I've found no clues looking through /usr/sys/.../*.h, or anything else.

How does one do this?

Thanks in advance...

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