Mail Problem...

Mail Problem...

Post by -eri » Fri, 20 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I am having an email problem on a Sparc 2 running SunOS 4.1.3.
Whenever I type in "mail" at the command prompt it grinds and grinds
until it finally shows a table of contents (this usually takes about
30+ seconds).  Then, when I choose a message to read, it grinds and
grinds and finally just kicks me out of mail.  When I check it with my
pc using Eudora, however, it has no problem.  Any ideas?  

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I wrote a short application to replace Xbiff. Basically, I wanted
something that shows a short summary of incoming mails, ignoring thus
whose sender matches a given expression (so that I dont get alarmed by
my own bcc: copies), etc. Anyway. Finally it's a perl script that
parses my /var/spool/mail/fleuret on a regular basis.

Everything seems to go smooth except that from time to time I do miss
mails. When I check the /var/log/maillog, I can see that sendmail
received the mail and did not log any error, but I dont have any trace
in my /var/spool/mail/fleuret.

The sendmail deamon runs on a SOLARIS box, and the /var/spool/mail is
mounted by nfs on my linux box. Each 15s, my script opens the mail
file with open(MAILFILE, "< $mailfile"), parses it, and closes it.

So, can there be a sort of "lock" if the file is opened for reading
and thus the sendmail can not write anything in it (I checked that and
it does not seem to lock anything)?

Any idea?



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