Help! Floppy disc driver

Help! Floppy disc driver

Post by Zou, ZhongJi » Tue, 22 Feb 1994 21:59:00


When I upgrade HP-UX from 8.07 to 9.0, somehow, the floppy disc
driver got massed up. Now I can not mount to 3.5" floppy disc.
Any help will be highly appreciated. Please send E-mail to:


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Dear experts,

I am using solaris2.3 system. There is a problem when I
use tar to copy files to diskette.
I simply follows the manule to do as follows:

tar cfv /vol/dev/rfd0/unlabeled  file_name1 file_name2.

The system saids tar: cannot open /vol/dev/rfd0/unlabeled.

I check the directory: /vol/dev/  and found there is no
directory called rfd0 in our system. So, I don't know
how I can do now. Could anyone please tell me what should I do?

I need to know
1> how to know that floppy disk driver is working?
2> how can I transfer files from floppy disk driver  to unix and
from unix to a diskette
3> Is there any command for solaris which can automatically transfer
a unix file to a Mac file and get all the files from a Mac disk
to the unix system (Of cause, these files should be readable, i.e
unix format)

Many thanks in advance!

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