Escape sequences on HP-UX 10.x parallel port...

Escape sequences on HP-UX 10.x parallel port...

Post by Geoffrey Tindal car » Sat, 15 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Help.... Unix newbie in need of urgent assistance.

I have a new HP-UX 9000/D210 with an HP LJIII attached to the parallel
port of the D210.  I cannot get the laserprinter to recognise any of the
escape sequences which are contained in the file I'm trying to print.

I'm using standard lp <filename> to print the file...

Thanks in advance..



1. Rlogin escape sequence on Solaris (not the same as HP-UX)

Hi, I'm working with rlogin on Solaris 2.8 and I've noticed that when
I do a "~." (tilda-dot) in an rlogin session, it ends up killing the
parent process (basically my xterm), instead of just killing the
rlogin session that I'm in. in HP-UX, the ~. sequence just kills my
current rlogin session. Is there a way to have that same behavior in
Solaris? It's a little annoying to do the ~. and then just kill the
whole xterm.


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