IRIX 6.2 export -> Sun 4

IRIX 6.2 export -> Sun 4

Post by Dang » Thu, 02 Aug 2001 01:48:01


I am trying to mount a directory from an IRIX 6.2 machine to a Sun 3/160
running sunos 4.1(I know they are both OLD!)

The error message I get is:

%>mount machinename:/export/soft /mnt
mount: machinename:/export/soft server not responding: RPC:
Program/version mismatch
mount: retrying
<sits here until I press ctrl-c>

NOTE: The Sun 3/160 machine will mount if the /export/soft was exported
by another Sun(ec sparcstation 1)
NOTE2: the /export/soft can be mounted by a Sparcstation 1 as well as by
linux and other sgi's

I'm not sure if the RPC protocol is just too old on the Sun 3/160 or if
it's something else.  I am currently finding some newer RPC utils on the
sun 3/160 side as well as finding an older exportfs on the SGI side.

Thanks in advanced.



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