Large IDE-Disks on SUN Ultra 10

Large IDE-Disks on SUN Ultra 10

Post by ghelbi » Thu, 04 Nov 1999 04:00:00

"couldn't you just..."


Sun reads the IDE parameter block the "old fashioned" way; C/H/S rather
than LBA.

And it "verifies" it before it will let you write the label out.

On other systems, this would be called a bug.

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1. Large IDE-Disks on SUN Ultra 10

I have tried to install a 22 GB IDE disk on a SUN Ultra 10 workstation
(Solaris 2.6). I was only able to format the disk to approx 9 GB (the
largest IDE disk available from SUN). Since SUN does not officially support
IDE disks larger than 9 GB I would like to ask if anyone has used larger IDE
disks on a SUN Ultra 10.


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