***** Need help with system error ******

***** Need help with system error ******

Post by RJHarl » Wed, 30 Nov 1994 02:00:08

We are running SCO Unix sysV 3.2 on a DEC PC and are getting the following
message on the system terminal when a user logs off of the system.

/etc/getty -t 3600 tty1a m (MON Nov 21 05:48:32 1994) PID 13022:
Cannot exec /tcb/lib/initcond: No such file or directory (error2).

I would appreciate any e-mail that you could send on this subject.  I am
at a loss.


bob h.


1. System Error - Need help

We have a customer with a Model 590.  Their system has suddenly started
with an error in the errpt -a of:

  ERROR ID:          20FAED7F

  Resource Name:  SYSVMM

  Error Description:
  Data Storage Interrupt, Processor

IBM has been out to look at it and they don't seem to know what is
causing this

The system seems to be crashing more when it is off hours, but it just
went down
this afternoon while all of the users were on.

Could use any guidance available.  If IBM doesn't know, then I'm not
sure where
to turn to next.



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