system specs for media a/v streaming via web, help needed.

system specs for media a/v streaming via web, help needed.

Post by anthon » Tue, 06 Aug 2002 13:22:24

    Hi.   Sorry for the cross posting as it may/may not have to do entirly
    with the newsgroups.  I couldn't find an exact newsgroup, so hopped to
    find someone with some knowledge around...

    I'm currently looking into purchasing a system for streaming media via the web.
    I've felt that using the Unix platform would be best for fast access hosting but
    was unsure of any type of specifics as far as machine type, ram amount, and
    other hardware that would make streaming 'faster' and (or) 'better'.

    We basically are looking into hosting encoded video/audio using Real, QuickTime,
    Mpeg 1/2/4, VCD, and some others.  What type of system would be recomended
    to generate the best possible performance for streaming media via the web?
    I currently work with AMD's alot as well as Sun boxes.  I've hopped that a speedy
    AMD might do the trick instead of buying a sificated 'audio/video box' that costs
    far over 1000.

    If anyone can provide some ideas for me to work with on this issue, it would be
    greatly appreciated.  Also, I know there are a few companys out there that do
    provide media streaming services....   All of them can't be using Winblows, right?!?

    Thank you,