HP-UX: X11 won't start after CPU-Board upgrade

HP-UX: X11 won't start after CPU-Board upgrade

Post by Mac Schwar » Tue, 31 Dec 1996 04:00:00

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I've just made an upgrade from an old "apollo Model 715/33" to a
"Model 715/100XC" (changing CPU-Board, Power Supply and all that). The
system is booting fine and fast without any failures.  But then the
CDE loginscreen fails to start.

With the new CPU-Board a 'Keyboard Adapter Module' was supplied. The
715/33 HIL-Keyboard was connected to the board directly. Now there's a
small box between the workstation and the HIL-Keyboard:

CPU-Board]->[HIL->HIL / PS2 Mouse / PS2 Keyboard]->[HIL-Keyboard & Mouse

In the Xerror file following messages are stated:
# cat /var/dt/Xerrors

Fatal server error:
Couldn't open X pointer device!  Is one attached?

X connection to hermes:0.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown).

Fatal server error:
Couldn't open X pointer device!  Is one attached?

X connection to hermes:0.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown).

Sun Dec 29 23:27:17 1996
error (pid 968): Server for display hermes:0 terminated unexpectedly 1

On the console screen the keyboard works fine even with german
'Umlaut' and swapped y<->z. The mouse worked properly before the

So the question is: How do I attach my pointing device more than
simply connecing it to my keyboard???

The keyboard is a HIL device (Prod.Nr. C1429B with a P/N A2838A Mouse
connected to the keyboard), I'm running hp-ux 10.10 with a new
715/100XC board, the on-board graphic card (no special 'optional HCRX
graphics card') and the new 715/100XC logo attached on the front of
the system unit :-)

Any suggestions what to do or where to look for an explanation of the

Oh, there's the output of 'ioscan'. I'm wondering if 'unknown Built-in
Keyboard' and 'unknown Built-in Mouse' are the normal values.

# ioscan
H/W Path   Class                  Description
1          graphics               Graphics
2          ba                     Core I/O Adapter
2/0/1             ext_bus         Built-in SCSI
2/0/1.2              target      
2/0/1.2.0               disk      TOSHIBA CD-ROM XM-5401TA
2/0/1.3              target      
2/0/1.3.0               disk      HP      C3728S
2/0/2             lan             Built-in LAN
2/0/4             tty             Built-in RS-232C
2/0/6             ext_bus         Built-in Parallel Interface
2/0/8             audio           Built-in Audio
2/0/10            unknown         Built-in Floppy Drive
2/0/11            unknown         Built-in Keyboard
2/0/12            unknown         Built-in Mouse
5          ba                     Core I/O Adapter
5/0/1             hil             Built-in HIL
5/0/2             tty             Built-in RS-232C
8          processor              Processor
9          memory                 Memory

Best regards,

        mac Schwarz
mac Schwarz / AERIA Projekt / Inst. f. Klassische Archaeologie

 FAU Erlangen-Nuernberg   /   Kochstr.4   /   91054 Erlangen


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