Connecting to an AIX box thru serial port

Connecting to an AIX box thru serial port

Post by princ.. » Fri, 10 Dec 1993 00:44:08

Here's the problem folks...

We have an old IBM RT 6150 running AIX, but the monitor is shot. (Actually, it
works, but gives off a high pitched wine that's REALLY annoying). What we'd
like to do is set up another computer next to it and connect to it using a
serial port. (Where we can log in as root and get this thing going...)

So my question is:
    How do you set this up? (Connecting to a AIX box through a serial port)


P.S. Please respond through e-mail. Thanks!


1. "Garbage" output when connecting to sun box over serial port with tip

Hello, I am having trouble getting something legible out of a Sun box
when connecting to it from tip so I wondered if there was anything
obvious I was not doing correctly.

I was given a Sun Netra 120 server to wipe clean and install a fresh
version of Solaris on. I bought a null modem adaptor so that I can
connect from a separate Ultra 5 box I have already configured. I can
connect them up (to the LOM port on the Netra) and issue a "tip
hardwire" or "tip [hardcoded term]" and I get "connected". I followed
the advised 9600 baud both in the command line and also in /etc/remote
(although I notice there're more settings in that file). I can then
issue the break command and I get the ok prompt as expected. The
problem comes when I try to get output of any length. For instance,
issuing a "printenv" yields 90% garbage (by which I mean, seemingly
random characters) and the odd recognisable bit such as a variable

I issued a "boot cdrom - install" with the Solaris CD in the Netra
drive and this seemed to work - I got a little bit of installation text
but when it came to selecting language etc the output was again all
corrupted so it isn't really usable.

I can't see my own keystrokes either, although they are obviously
received as the Netra "does stuff".

Where should I start? Could it be the tip settings not matching the
Netra's? Or could it be a wiring problem with the null modem adaptor?
(Hope not).


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