System Administration Group Organization

System Administration Group Organization

Post by Timothy J. L » Wed, 21 May 1997 04:00:00

For system administrators serving a medium to large organization where
the user groups are varied in their desires and needs, how do local
system administration persons or groups reporting directly to the user
groups compare with central system administration groups reporting
directly to some upper level of the organization?

Seems to me that local system administrators or groups can stay more
in touch with the needs of specific user groups, and reduce competition
between user groups for system administration resources, but may lose
some economies (e.g. if two user groups each need 1/2 of a Unix system
administrator, hiring one for each is inefficient) and may have more
difficulty coordinating system administration issues with other user
groups (e.g. routing, intra organization mail).  Centralized system
administration can solve these problems, but at a cost of causing
system administration to be more remote from the users, perhaps causing
service to be tardy or less effective (e.g. not noticing that certain
machine are or are not dataless for backup purposes), or by trying to
impose a "one size fit all" solution that doesn't work well for some
user groups.

What experiences have you had with each type of organization of system
administration services?


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