HP Tape Backup & Lone Tar

HP Tape Backup & Lone Tar

Post by Fred Ma » Fri, 04 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Cheyenne's ArchServ provides file verification. I do not know if they
have "certified" their product for your version of UNIX. You can find
them at http://www.cheyenne.com/.

We have had a disaster on our DEC Alpha 400 involving this problem. It
appears that the 4mm tape drive was creasing the tapes on write in a
random way. Thus when they could not be read and used for backup. We lost
a lot of data and had to manually reconstruct our files. We are now
actively looking for a verification product that will work on our
platform. Any ideas any one?

> We're having a problem with occasional tape verifies using HP-UX 9.04
> and Lone_Tar.  I've replaced the HP drive (4/8 gig model) and we are
> using brand spanking new HP tapes.  Every other week we have a read
> error on the tape, different tape each time and in a different spot.
> Has anyone else used this combination and/or experienced any of these
> problems?  My understanding is that neither tar or fbackup does a bit
> level verification so I can't replicate a failure with another
> product.  Thanks for any suggestions!


1. Lone-Tar / Tar / Tape backup problems

        We currently use a backup program called Lone-Tar on our SCO system.
At times, the backup will just hang for no reason.  The process can't be
killed, so this results in a reboot to get the backups/tape drive working
again.  We're using an HP 2 gig DAT drive, and I have tried different drives,
and the problem still remains, be it a week later or a month.

        Has anyone else had these problems?  Although we're running an
ancient version of Lone-Tar, I beleive the problem is with the tape drive
drivers.  Lone-Tar isn't much more than some menu scripts built around a
tar that does compress.  

        Also note that we're using OS 3 on an AST Manahattan.




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