Advice on spreading filesystems?

Advice on spreading filesystems?

Post by John Ackerma » Tue, 13 Dec 1994 23:31:10

Hi --

I'm about to upgrade my Linux system with some bigger and faster disks, and am
looking for advice on the best way to spread the filesystems.

I run a pretty typical home-Linux system, with a couple of exceptions.  Though
I'm not hooked up to the internet, I have 40 or 50 megs in my ftp directory
that's available for access via ham radio TCP/IP.  Next, I have a couple of
fairly large database files (one 60MB, and a few more around 10MB each).  
Optimizing performance for the databases is <not> a big issue; they get
infrequent and fairly simple searches.

Finally, I am running the samba SMB server and use this machine to provide
file service for a couple of PCs, and I'm serving the Microsoft Office
applications (which means I need a couple of hundred megs for my shared
directory).  Best possible performance for file service is probably my #1

I run X but typically start swapping only when I am doing a kernel compile or
something equally huge.

The hardware is a 486DX2/66 with BusLogic VLB SCSI controller and 16MB RAM.  
I'm running Linux 1.1.72, and pretty much keeping up with the kernel patches.

The new drives are a 1GB Micropolis 4110S (9ms and 512k cache) and a 500MB
Fujitsu 2684 (11.4ms and 256k cache).  I assume I'll make the Micropolis the
boot drive.

So, given all this, any suggestions on how I should set my file system up
across these two drives?  I'm thinking now of separate partitions for /ftp,
/home, /var ('d probably drop the databases here), and /public (the samba
shared directory), plus 32MB for swap.  Any ideas about where to put these
partitions (or alternative layouts) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for any tips...

John Ackermann   AG9V