Soltice Backup 5.0 Questions

Soltice Backup 5.0 Questions

Post by jul.. » Thu, 22 Jul 1999 04:00:00

question 1:
Under the nwadmin gui I am trying to update media -> devices -> Cleaning
Required -> No.  Currently it is set to Yes for this particular tape
drive and I want it off.  I will click on the "No" diamond and
the "Yes" diamond will go grey and the "No" diamond turns yellow.  I
will then click on the "apply" button at the bottom then exit out of the
window.  I will then reopen the media -> devices window to see that
the Cleaning Required option still has a yellow diamond to make sure.
But later on I will see the following messages in the messages window.

Solstice Backup Device cleaning required: (notice) Device
`/dev/rmt/1ubn' requires cleaning

Solstice Backup Cleaning cartridge required: (notice) Cleaning cartridge
required in Jukebox `ETL1800'

I will go back and check and the Yes diamond will be yellow for Cleaning
Required.  What is going on here?  I want these messages to stop.

question 2:
I have a jukebox with 2 tape drives, it is an ETL/1800 from Sun but
I think the OEM is ATL.  I will highlight one of the tape drives
under the main gui then begin some operation, ie inventory.  I then
will try to select the other drive but will get a window telling me
to "Cancel label operation on /rmt/0ubn before selecting another drive".
I effect preventing from using both drive simultaneously.  Is this the
way the software was meant to run.  How can I get use of both drives
at the same time?

question 3:
I have to be at the jukebox's lcd panel to move tapes around.  Are
there commands in unix that I can use outside of Soltice Backup to
perform jukebox operations.


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