PDX-UNIX Sys Admin Position Available

PDX-UNIX Sys Admin Position Available

Post by Karen Lars » Sat, 02 Sep 1995 04:00:00

For more information regarding this position, or to receive application
materials you may contact the Metro Human Resources Division at
600 NE Grand Avenue, Portland, OR 97232   (503) 797-1570.  Resumes ARE
NOT accepted.  Please do not respond via e-mail.

Metro, in Portland, Oregon is currently recruiting for a
UNIX System Administrator.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  September 18, 1995
PAY RANGE: $17.30-$26.36/hour (Full-Time)

POSITION SUMMARY:  Under the direction of the Computer/Network Services
Section Supervisor, this position provides operating system support for
UNIX systems, including Sun and HP systems.

Essential Job Duties:  An employee in this position must be able to perform
all of the essential job duties listed below with or without reasonable
accomodation.  However this list is not intended to include all of the
specific tasks which an employee in this position may be expected to perform.

- Develops, modifies, tests and implements software written in C or the
UNIX shell as required to support the system and its users.
- Develops, modifies, tests and implements shells and applications on the
- Coordinates with users, Network Administrators and other Information
Management Services Division staff to assure smooth operation of the
UNIX systems and other operating systems.
- Provides primary UNIX network support.
- Researched and reports on the hardware and software configurations
and makes recommendations for improvements.
- Provides secondary UNIX user support.
- Participates in long-term planning for future upgrades to the
- Designs, plans, coordinates and implements changes to the operating
systems as new releases are made available.
- Works jointly with Netware Adminstrator to maintain electronic mail
- Trains users on the new operating system features.
- Provides technical assistance and coordination with departmental
users in assisting them in meeting their project and program

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor's degree in computer sciences and three years of
experience in computer operating systems analysis, or any combination
of experience and education that provides the applicant with the required
knowledge, skill and ability to perform the job.  Preference will be
given to candidates with more experience.

Required knowledge, skills and abilities:

- Knowledge of UNIX operating system internals, UNIX networking,
technical data processing operations, equipment, procedures and office
productivity applications.
- Knowledge of integrating multi-operating environments (PC/Macintosh,
UNIX, Netware).
- Knowlege of programming languages (C, C-shell, Bourne shell), and
automated management information systems.
- Knowledge of effective documentation procedures and recordkeeping
- Knowledge of Netware 3.x and greater useful, but not required.
- Ability to document data processing operations concepts and
communicate such concepts to a variety of people, including non-
technical personnel.
- Ability to analyze and reconcile information systems and hardware/
software problems.
- Ability to assess and forecast accurate timelines, potential problems
and resulting solutions regarding data processing information systems
- Ability to provide lead direction to staff.
- Ability to work independently or as a member of a team.
- Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

Meto is a Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.