Help Wanted Los Angeles Area - System Administrator

Help Wanted Los Angeles Area - System Administrator

Post by Stewart Dicks » Fri, 06 Jan 1995 06:14:57

                   HELP WANTED (Los Angeles Area, USA)

Unix system and network administrator   ReZ.n8 Productions, Inc., Hollywood

ReZ.n8 Productions, Inc. is a 3-D computer graphics design and animation
production house, operating for seven years, for the broadcast video and
theatrical film industries.  We currently have a staff of 15 animators,
programmers and producers.

We need an additional system administrator to maintain a network of currently
ten Unix workstations (Silicon Graphics Iris Indigo, Personal Iris,
Prime 4D/70G, 4D/380S, HP 7xx).  We have a heterogeneous network with a
bridge to a MacTCP/LocalTalk network of 7 Apple Macintoshes which are used
for design.  We are fast becoming a major provider of on-line services on
the Internet.

We currently use Side Effects Software, Inc. Prisms, Wavefront Technologies,
Inc. Advanced Visualizer, Pixar RenderMan and Xaos Tools software products.
The System Administrator will also have responsibility of maintaining the
most current release of these tools on the machines.

The person we seek should have several years experience in Unix system and
network administration.  Knowledge of video and film production is a plus.

Send resume with cover letter to:

        ReZ.n8 Productions, Inc.
        6430 Sunset Blvd., Suite 1000
        Hollywood, CA 90028 USA