Public Access Unix Scripts?

Public Access Unix Scripts?

Post by Kevin Blaine Flu » Wed, 14 Apr 1993 05:46:58

Hi all,

I am running a public access unix system (BBS) to demonstrate and distribute
Linux (the free Unix clone for 386/486's).  Since I want to be able to demo
Linux in it's native state, and BBS software is too restrictive to do this,
I give people their own user accounts.  I still need at least some of the
functions that BBS software usually gives you, though:  

Call-back Verification:
        The caller gives a registration program his telephone number and the
BBS calls him back to make sure that that is his real phone number.  

Time Limitation:
        The caller is only allowed to be logged in a certain number of hours
per day.  File transfers should not be cut off.

Automatic Account Creation:
        A caller is given a 'login:' name and password and an account is
created automatically, so the system administrator doesn't have to use
useradd/adduser.  I understand there is a script out there called 'mkacct'
that will do this, but archie can't find it.  

        The new caller is given a list of questions, and his answers are
stored for reference by the system admin.

Automatic Account Deletion:
        A caller's account is deleted from the system after he/she doesn't
call for a few weeks.  

        Data about who called, when, what they did, how long they were
connected, etc. should be compiled and saved for reference.    

I wouldn't want to spend days reinventing the wheel, so if there is anyone
out there with software like this (Perl scripts, shell scripts, C source
code), I would really appreciate hearing from you.  If there is anyone out
there interested in helping to develop this stuff for Linux, I would also
appreciate hearing from you.  

Kevin Fluet                  Call V.A.L.I.S.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada    (403) 478-1281     38400 bps


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Hi.  I was wondering if anyone knew of any public access
unix sites in the 617 area code (Massachusetts) so I could
access my account at Worcester Polytechnic Institute without
paying long distance telephone rates everytime I want to log
in.  Thanks in advance.


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