Finding OLD Users

Finding OLD Users

Post by Steven B. Thompso » Thu, 06 Oct 1994 22:53:40

: Hello.  I am looking for some sort of scripts that will flag me if users
: are logged in for more than a day on a Sun workstation, then send some
: email.  Does anyone know how to find out the same of users on xterminals?
: I suppose wtmp may be an answer...  Thanks in advance.  Post or reply by
: email directly.

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You could write a script that pipes the output of "last" into awk.
Then print only those users logged on longer than a given time,
then send you mail.   I know I made it sound easy, but it's really
not that hard.   I wrote something similar in the past and it worked
fine.   I don't know if "last" is available on your platform, but
seems there would be something close.

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1. finding old user accounts

Hi folks,
    Does anyone know of a way to find old accounts that the user no
longer uses. Say, like if a user hasn't logged in in 120 days. And no,
I can't setup expired passwording on our system. I tried it once and was
forced to remove it. Still here we have a lot of turn over in the
staffing and the powers that be never let me know when they leave and
I need to find these old accounts.

Cliff Browning
FAMU-FSU College of Engineering
Voice: 850-410-6164

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