process uninterruptible

process uninterruptible

Post by Michael Italian » Sat, 27 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I some times have process that get hosed and get into uninterruptible
states. I'm running DEC OSF/1 and have been told to reboot. But I have
heard that AIX SysAdmin's have encountered the same problem and are able
to (in a pinch) get rid of those processes. I'm talking about kill -9
*not* working here.

Anybody know how? On DEC and AIX(just to satisfy my curiosity)



1. Uninterruptible sleeping process

Hi Gurus,
(TrueUnix4.0F question)
Submitted jobs go to Uninterruptible sleeping process. vmstate shows 98%
(The system was working fine before). What's wrong and how to make those
running properly?

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