Help tcsh, bindkey

Help tcsh, bindkey

Post by hst.. » Fri, 06 Aug 1993 07:21:46

I have just converting from csh to tcsh which offers command line editing.

The problem is trying to bind the arrow keys to the up/down history and
forward/backward char. Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I have a sun sparc 10 (with a new keyboard)


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1. Help: can't get bindkey to work in Tcsh...

I'm trying to set control-Z to run the tcsh command run-fg-editor, and I'm
not having any luck.  Actually, the binding works...

        ~> bindkey ^Z run-fg-editor ("^Z" is control-v control-z)
        ~> bindkey ^Z
        "^Z"    ->      run-fg-editor

but when I type control-Z, nothing happens.  I have a suspended vi session,
and if I type "fg", it is brought to the foreground.

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong here?

Thanks, Bill...

From 'uname -a', if it matters: HP-UX A.09.03 A 9000/720


Bill Zvonar             Bell Northern Research, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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