Printer daemon wont start

Printer daemon wont start

Post by Ian Hamilt » Fri, 09 Dec 1994 01:30:09

I'm using Ultrix 4.2A on a Dec 5000/240. Some printer daemons have died
and cannot be restarted. I execute lpc restart and receive the message -
printer daemon started. When I check 'lpq -Plp0', the message says 'No
printer daemon for lp0' Booting the machine (Dec support advice) doesn't
help. Any ideas on this problem would be welcome.


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I have RH6.1 and an epson color stylus 800. I have upgraded ghostscrit
and lpr to the latest version as well as the unidriver. It appears to
be configured correctly according to the documentation. But when I
test it, I get a message that says the job was sent properly, but the
lpr daemon was unable to start. Whats this about?


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