Back-to-Back connection

Back-to-Back connection

Post by Rajan Subramania » Wed, 08 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I have a SPARC tadpole which has a phone (RJ11) and ethernet (RJ45)
outlet. I also have a Pentium-II box running Windows NT/95.

I want a couple of things realised from this combination
1) Test the ethernet connection between 2 machines.
   Can I use a RJ45 cable and connect it back-to-back so that RCV
   of one RJ45 connects to SND of another RJ45?
   Is there anything I can use for end-to-end connectivity (not
   If I can do a back-to-back can I interoperate between 100Mbs and
   a 10Mbps ends?
2) If (1) is successful I would like to use the SPARC resources like
   SPARC's modem from Windows NT/95?


Rajan Subramanian
Objective Systems Integrators
Folsom, CA 95630