a couple easy questions

a couple easy questions

Post by Roger Dodg » Wed, 16 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Running Sun 4.1.3 on one machine and Solaris on another
I'm new at this and was wondering how often to run fsck.

Where do aliases reside on Solaris 5.x



1. A couple of easy questions (SUMMARY)

    Thanks to all who replied in e-mail.  I was under the impression
that the csh "$<" construct accepted a single keystroke as input,
without requiring the user to hit Return.  I know about the 'read'

out that the command can take several variables and it will set those
variables to the corresponding word of the input, based in the IFS
(input field separator) environment variable.  He also supplied a nice
loop for reading input from a file.  'read' returns 0 at EOF, so it
works well with a while loop.  Thanks, Jim.  :)

    I guess I will stick with VAL=`expr $VAL + 1` for incrementing my
variables, even though more advanced shells (like ksh) can provide basic
math operations.  I want the scripts to be usable on the widest range of
systems, and the Bourne shell seems to be the common denominator.

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