CP eating memory

CP eating memory

Post by Luc VAN GEND » Wed, 20 Mar 1996 04:00:00

When I copy large files on my system, free memory often drops as low as a
few hundred pages. That's OK, but when the CP has finished, the memory is
not freed!! Strangely, running a "find / -print > /dev/null" seems to
free up the memory.

What is happening here? Is there no way of freeing the memory immediately
after the CP? Thanks!

Note: my machine is a NCR 34xx running SVR4 UNIX 3.0.



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Do there exist CP/M or CP/M-86 emulators in Linux?  I've found web sites
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Processor speeds have improved so much since those days that you'd
probably have to throttle things down (you know, like scrolling pages
whipping by).

--Ron Bruck

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