System Monitor Tool - looking for a graphical one

System Monitor Tool - looking for a graphical one

Post by Bruce Brow » Sat, 09 Aug 1997 04:00:00

We have a NCR 3400 running AT&T UNIX V rel. 4 and are looking for a
system monitoring tool with a nice graphical interface - like DCEps on a
VAX system.  A X-Windows tool would be fine.  Anybody have a suggestion?



1. Looking for a generic UNIX System Monitor...Is there one ????

Does anyone know of a system monitor on the market which can check system
loading; such as disk utilisation, memory status, file system status, etc.;
on a RISC-based UNIX machine ?  It should be able to send warnings to the
Systems Administrator and suggest pre-emptive actions to avoid the possibility
of a system failure due to operational issues.

If you have heard of such software or anything similar then could you please
send me a message giving any details.


Steve Bacall
Bull Information Systems Ltd.
Hounslow, UK.

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