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Risc6000 Model 580
32 meg memory
1 ea 2.0 gig drive
5 ea 1.0 gig drives
8mm internal tape drive
1/4 in external tape drive
$12,000.00 or best offer


1. IBM RS6000 43P-100 , looking to buy a used RS6000 machine

Looking to buy a used RS6000

Hello people,

I am a newbie to AIX , just cleared AIX test 191 , was practising on a
old (leased from a friend)powerstation 220 for the test.

Now i am interested in getting a used RS6000 machine as i planning to
load AIX 5L, version5.1 on it and add it to my home network . of a
linux/2K setup. This machine will be mainly used to learn RS6000
installation/configuration(which i already know to an extent),
internetworkign with linux and windows platforms.

I found IBM RS6000 43P-100 100mhz/160mb/2.2GB/FD/CD on ebay . Will
this work with a regular VGA monitor?
I heard all the 43P's and above are PCI based and work with regular
monitors and keyboards and not IBM propriety ones. Please help , or
suggest a different configuration ,


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