NIS and yppasswd problems

NIS and yppasswd problems

Post by Dan Bonger » Tue, 17 Jun 1997 04:00:00

There is a user on the system that I am an assistant sysadmin on that
can't change his password. There is a group of 13 SunOS 4.1.3 and
Digital Unix 3.2/4.0 machines there, with one (duncan/DU 3.2) as the
NIS server. The user logs into another DU 3.2 box (norman) and tries
to change his password with yppasswd. He gets a "RPC: Server can't
decode arguments" error. I've been through several relevant man pages
and can't find any information on this error message. Also, I've looked
through the RPC and yppasswd portions of the O'Reilly book, and can't
find anything on it either.

By the way, both my boss and I can change our passwords from norman
just fine. We tried copying my boss's password entry to the user's line
in the passwd file, and logged in as him. We were able to run yppasswd
just fine, and changed the user's line back so he could log in again.

This user had some security problems a while ago and would really like
to change his password. By the way, my boss (the real sysadmin) has no
idea what's going on either. Any ideas?

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I am presently tasked with building a system based on Suns (Solaris 2.4),
ICLs (DRS/NX) and HPs.  The spec is to run NIS+ on the Suns and ordinary NIS
on the ICLs and HPs.  Does anybody know an elegant method of allowing users
to change their passwords over the net (i.e. using the yppaswwd command) as
NIS+ in YP compatability mode does not allow this (which I am sure you are
all aware of) - logging onto a NIS+ server is not being considered an option.

I would appreciate any help on this as it will alleviate me the task of
writing "emulation" of yppasswdd on Solaris 2.

Many Thanks........Nigel
Immense Systems Ltd., UK
Open Systems Consultants

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