intro..and first posting on CA-unicenter

intro..and first posting on CA-unicenter

Post by s.. » Wed, 18 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Hi everyone...
This is my first posting in newsgroup, via www.
I am looking for some discussion related to unix - for this one i am looking for those with experience dealing with CA-Unicenter.
Has anyone out there been touching unicenter ?  or has been touched by unicenter :-)  
Could anyone recommend a general framework for implementing CA-unicenter ?  website  of CA has not given me much clue.   Any strategy to recommend ?  Issues such as what are the pitfalls to avoid, what are the bugs to be found ?  Would be very much grateful if someone could provide some experience or point me to the right discussion forum.
Thank you ...


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Thanks in advance.
Ron Delpiere
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