tools for monitoring network activities & traffics

tools for monitoring network activities & traffics

Post by Alan S H L » Tue, 22 Feb 1994 18:40:03

Is there any tools in public domain that can monitor the
network activities and traffics? (says, tcplogger, nfswatch,
snmp, ... etc). We have some Ultrix DEC and SunOS SUN servers.
These servers and their clients are linked up
by SynOptics 3000 concentrators. We would like to tune up our
network but we need to have some data of our network activities
and traffics first.

I would very appreciate it if anyone could inform me these tools
via e-mail. Thanks.

Alan S. H. Lam
Department of Information Engineering, CUHK, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 609 8364 Fax: (852) 603 5032


1. tools to monitor network traffic from the server side

I've played with Cricket, Cacti, MRTG etc. before to monitor network
traffic but I've always done this by querying the switches concerned. Is
there a way to do something similar on the server side?

The reason for this is that this time around I don't have "root" access
over the switches. So rather than go through all the political channels to
get the SNMP access to the switches it'd be quicker to monitor from the
servers themselves where I do have complete control.

Any tools that can do this? Or at a more of a "hack" level can I get an
indirect idea of network activity by monitoring some kernel network
variable? After all the eth card must know how many packets it sent /
recieced, right?


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