NFS mounts to and from an Apollo

NFS mounts to and from an Apollo

Post by Kimmo Suomin » Wed, 06 Mar 1991 02:36:41


What administrative decision have you people out there made about
mounting NFS file systems on an Apollo (SR 10.2)?

Because the DOMAIN file system has each node's disk mounted as //node,
I thought it would be nice to have the NFS systems mounted the same
way (with mount -f nfs,root).  But the problem is, I can't mount a
file system as //remnode, as I need to mount //remnode/users and
further //remnode/users/a, //remnode/users/b and so on.

The manuals advice me not to create a directory at the network root
(//) as it might disappear(?) at some time.  Is that really so?

Another problem is that other Unixes need to have the mount point
directory created before mounting.  Apollo's view seems to be, that
the directory must not exist.  Is there a way around this?

With possible solutions to the problems, I would VERY much like hear
about your solutions on mount points between Apollos and other Unixes.
I have directed follow-ups to comp.unix.admin, as I don't read
comp.sys.apollo.  And perhaps you should just mail me, and I'll create
a summary of some kind, if there's interest for that.



1. Need help nfs mounting from an Apollo.

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 < Additional explanation of mount command deleted >

nfsmnthelp command well documented??  I would love to know where you are
finding all this wonderful documentation!!  When searching by title under
info for "nfsmnthelp" there are no matches found.  When searching by
keyword, there are three references found, all of which refer to the vfs
file, which contains the entry:
#nfs 2 /etc/helpers/nfsmnthelp none remote
All say to uncomment the line, etc. but do not tell anything about what
the command itself does or what arguments it accepts.

For that matter, I've found little to no documentation on any command in the
/etc/helpers directory.                              
The only way I discovered how to use the /etc/helpers/nfsmnthelp command
was by talking to an IBM NFS developer directly on the phone.

I'd love to read the documentation on all the commands in the /etc/helpers
directory.  Help us out by telling where this alleged documentation is

Computer Aided Engineering Network
University of Michigan

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