Monitor for SunSparc?

1. Solaris 2.6 Install on SunSparc 5 and SunSparc 20

I have been installing 2.6 on Sparc 5's and Sparc 20's.
I tried to boot a 5 off of a set of disks that were created
using a 20. It wouldn't boot.

So I tried to boot a 20 off of a set of disks created using
a 5. Also, it wouldn't boot.

In both cases, the machines were looking for slices 7 and 13,
while they should have been looking for slices 0 and 6.
So therefore, the machines couldn't find / or /usr.

Either set of drives will properly boot the machine that they
were created with.

I checked the environment and aliases and can't find anything
that sticks out as wrong.
Any ideas as to what to look at?

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