Dec AlphaServer 1000A Logs Off by Itself

Dec AlphaServer 1000A Logs Off by Itself

Post by Hugo Luce » Sun, 25 Aug 2002 05:13:19

I have a problem with my AlphaServer 1000A logging off by itself. It
is running Digital Unix. This occurs about seven times a day. The
login screen will appear and i have to login again.

If anyone has seen this behavior i would appreciate your thoughts.



1. NetBSD on a DEC AlphaServer 1000A with disks on the DAC960 only


Someone gave me a DEC AlphaServer 1000A for free.  It has an
integrated RAID (KZPAC-AA w/4MB RAM for cache aka Mylex DAC960XX,
where "XX: is some string I forgot at this momement) and an ISP with
only a CD-ROM.  Unlike an external Storageworks you can use the SRM to
boot from this RAID but NetBSD 1.6.1 does not yet support that.  I
found that I could get the installer to work for NetBSD 1.6.1 by
importing MAKEDEV on a floppy and running

sh ./MAKEDEV ld0 ld1

The installer will prompt you with ld0 as a device I think.  If it
doesn't then "rm *sd0*" and symlink all the sd0 devices to the
equivalent ld0 ones and it will work to install on sd0 since disklabel
works on ld0.

Then building a custom kernel since:

config netbsd root on ? type ?

does not know how to detect that root is on ld0a and therefor will not
autoboot into multi-user.  Using

config netbsd root on ld0 type ffs

in the custom kernel avoided that problem since no auto-detection of
the root device is done in that case.

I also discovered that you need Ra200RCU.exe to configure the RAID
from the ARC firmware (it can switch between the ARC and SRM easily)
since there is no online utility in NetBSD yet.

I can't get to work with Mozilla but the directory
is available from a command line FTP client and has the RCU exe's that
run from the ARC (aka AlphaBIOS) console.

Is anyone working on a port of XFree86 to NetBSD?

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