Sun SHIELD question...

Sun SHIELD question...

Post by David L. Brenn » Fri, 08 Jan 1993 08:38:31


I was wondering if anyone has been using the Sun SHIELD product.  We
were loking into it, but in the specifications it says that it will only
run under SunOS 4.1.1 on either a sun4 or sun4c machine.

The problem is I would like to run it on a sun4m machine running SunOS

Has anyone been able to run the product on a 4.1.3 machine, or a sun4m

Any comments would be greatly appriciated.  Thanks in advance.

David Brenner

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1. Sun SHIELD ARM & autologout alternatives


I hope someone can help answer some questions I have about the Sun SHIELD
products for Solaris 2.3.  As I understand it, ASET (Automated Security
Enhancement Tool) and the Basic Security Module (BSM) are now bundled with
Solaris 2.3.

What about Account Resource Management (ARM)?  The ordering information I have
is dated since it refers to the BSM as a separate module for 2.x.  The copy of
Solaris 2.3 I have makes no reference to ARM.  The Answerbook pages on security
still refer to Solaris 2.1 and say it's unbudled.

What I'm looking for is the autologout feature that ARM reportedly offers.  Is
there an alternative (public domain, reliable) that allows me to logout (or at
the very least, autolockscreen) idle terminals and workstations?

Thanks very much.

BASS Consulting
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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