Technical workstation comparison (RS/6000 vs. SS10)

Technical workstation comparison (RS/6000 vs. SS10)

Post by Ray Smi » Thu, 20 May 1993 09:51:41

An associate is looking for any type of technical comparison of the
Sun Sparc10 models 41 and 51 with a IBM RS/6000 model 580.  If you
have done a comparison or know of any magazine articles that compare
these boxes from a technical point-of-view I would appreciate hearing
from you.

Thanks in advance,
Ray Smith                           Computer Sciences Corporation


1. RS/6000 vs other workstations

My project is contemplating purchasing some unix workstations shortly.  We
are looking at a number of systems to fit the bill.  I would be interested
in hearing feedback from from those who use *BOTH* RS/6000's and other
current-model unix graphics workstations (Sun, Mips, DEC and SGI workstations
in particular).  Main points of interest are ease of setup/use/maintenance
of the system (network), programming ease/difficulty, compatibility, and
support.  Lastly, I'd like to pose the question, "would you buy one again
if you had the chance".  

I'm aware that this leaves the door wide open for responses.  That's just
fine with me.  I'm happy to hear any praise or complaints (here's your
chance to get something off your chest).  

Because I'm likely to get lots of response, DON'T POST YOUR RESPONSE TO
THIS NEWSGROUP.  Mail it to me instead.  I *will* summarize (might be long).
If you respond, but don't want your response in the summary, I will honour your

Thankyou for your help.

CREWES project.  
Dept of Geology and Geophysics
University of Calgary, Canada

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