scrambled terminal

scrambled terminal

Post by Almurr » Mon, 23 Dec 1996 04:00:00

running a terminal (xt) on iceten emulation software from rs6000 unix box.
after a few hours the screen scrambles
any ideas??

i am very new to aix and unix in general
al murray


1. Scrambled Terminal Emulator

        I've recently installed RH 8 and am relative newbie to Linux. I've
worked out a bunch of problems over the last week but haven't figured out on
e that seemed to happen more and more often of the command line being so
mewhat scrambled. I can use it but I'd sure like for it to be right.
Example of way it look:
cd './root'
t'arg]# cd '/roo'
ion-20.6]# stati
ion-20.6]# stati
ion-20.6]# [s]tati

        With the [s] is where the cursor will be and carry on like that ever
y time I hit enter. The stuff ahead of the cursor just goes away as I ty
pe and whatever I type works even if I don't bother to erase some of that
 stuff that is still on screen ahead of what commands I typed.
        Sure would appreciate any insight on the whole affair.

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