Printing from Windows to Unix - How?

Printing from Windows to Unix - How?

Post by Rodger Silver » Tue, 02 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I have a postscript printer attached to a Unix workstation and would
like to print to it from Windows 95. How is this possible? The printer
does not have a network card and Windows doesn't see any of the Unix
boxes on the net??


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    I was able to connect to a Windows 2000 printer, but I get the wrong
characters when printing italics and other special formatting. Here is what
I have. What applied / unapplied filter is causing this?


Specify a networked printer
# lpsystem -t bsd servername
(example: lpsystem -t bsd winlaser
Register the server with the client lp service
# lpadmin -p printername -s servername
(example: lpadmin -p winlaser -s winserver
Set the PostScript filters
# cd /etc/lp/fd
# lpfilter -f download -F download.fd
# lpfilter -f dpost -F dpost.fd
# lpfilter -f postio -F postio.fd
# lpfilter -f postior -F postior.fd
# lpfilter -f postprint -F postprint.fd
# lpfilter -f postreverse -F postreverse.fd
Set the printer as default (if desired)
# lpadmin -d printername
Verify the printer is online and registered
# lpstat -t
Print to printer
# lp -d printername filename

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