Visiting San Francisco Bay area

Visiting San Francisco Bay area

Post by Ines D » Thu, 07 Oct 1993 01:22:37

I shall be attending the 7th Usenix System Administration conference in
Monterey in November, and since I am coming a long way, and have also
never been to the West of the U.S.A., I would very much appreciate the
opportunity to visit a couple of establishments in the Monterey/San Francisco
area in the week following the conference (8th-11th November).

I am working as administrator in a Sun network environment (small by
international standards, ie. 5 fileservers, about 70 Suns, and as many
users), in an academic environment.

I would very much appreciate to be able to visit a larger site, academic
or commercial, or university computing centre.

If there is anyone who would be prepared to put up with me for a couple
of hours, and show me round their laboratory or site, I would be very

Ines Day

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