Unix System Administrators Wanted

Unix System Administrators Wanted

Post by Vandan » Wed, 16 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Contract /contract to perm jobs available for 1st to mid-level Unix
System Administrators with Solaris/HP-Unix expertise.
Location: Silicon valley, CA

Please send resumes to:


Fax: 408-866-4180

Vandana Jain
Cervir Corporation
Voice: 408-866-4166


Unix System Administrators Wanted

Post by Jen M » Wed, 16 Jun 1999 04:00:00

This is NOT a jobs forum.  Take your posting elsewhere or be prepared to
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>Contract /contract to perm jobs available for 1st to mid-level Unix
>System Administrators with Solaris/HP-Unix expertise.
>Location: Silicon valley, CA

>Please send resumes to:


>Fax: 408-866-4180

>Vandana Jain
>Cervir Corporation
>Voice: 408-866-4166


1. UK Position unix system Administrator wanted

Unix System/Network Administrator
Based at Kirtlington, near Bicester
Minimum 1 year experience as Unix System Admin.
 - Good knowledge of Unix and PC networked systems,
   preferably using SCO-Unix and Novell.
 - Good knowledge of tasks involved in establishing,
   maintaining and expanding Unix systems.
 - Understanding of LAN issues (TCP/IP, Ethernet, etc.)
 - Understanding of wide area network systems (modems,
   internet, etc.)
 - Knowledge of Shell scripts, and basic 'C' programming
 - Knowledge of DBA tasks required for supporting RDBMS
   development and production environments will be given
   special consideration.

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