Multiple logical pages on one physical page

Multiple logical pages on one physical page

Post by Ron Watki » Sun, 31 Jul 1994 20:22:03

I have an HP deskjet 500 hooked up to my Linux box. I can print several
pages to one page using enscript on a remote host to generate the postscript
output then sending it through gs to produce the proper bitmaps for the
printer. Of course, this is totally oblivious to the user, because of the
way the printcap is setup. So all the user has to do is issue lpr and
the file will print correctly.
Now, does anyone know how I can get enscript for Linux?
The apsfilter program does allow multiple pages per page of normal text files.
This is accomplished by using a different printer stream than the default. I
don't have the docs handy, but apsfilter creates several printer entries under
printcap and each runs a script to do the dirty work of feeding the input
through gs to produce the necessary output. You can print landscape, burst
pages, headers and footers, time/date/filename stamps, whatever you like.
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1. Multiple logical pages on one physical page

You didn`t mention, which HP printer you want to use.
For the deskjet series there is a program, developed originally for Linux, but as it is distributed as source, it should be no problem to adapt it to your configuration. archie tells me, that you can find it e.g. in


    Location: /pub/sunsite/pub/Linux/system/Printing
           FILE -r--r--r--        879  Mar 17 13:32  djscript.1.3.lsm
           FILE -r--r--r--      25076  Mar 17 13:32  djscript.1.3.tar.gz

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