HELP!! with corrupted tar tape

HELP!! with corrupted tar tape

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I am looking for ideas on how to reconstruct a corrupted tar archive.  A
tape was mistakenly overwritten using -cvf, but the new archive was most
likely smaller than the original.  Is there any way I can dump what is on
the tape and try to recover anything from the original archive that may
be on the end of the tape (not overwritten)?  

Thanks in advance for any help.

Anthony King
Quinton Instrument Co., Seattle


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     I have a SONY SDT-5000 4mm DAT drive (native capacity 4Gb/tape).
I had a tape with 350+ TAR volumes on it.  On my PC at home, I mistakenly
forgot to turn on the "no-rewind" option of my TAR program.  I appended a
new volume at the end of the tape, and of course it rewound the tape to the
beggining after that TAR volume was written.  I then WROTE ANOTHER TAR
volume (approximately 160Mb) over the BEGINNING of the TAPE!  
     I realized my mistake immediately, and tried frantically to get TAR to
search past the EOT (End of Tape) marker that TAR puts in at then end of
where the tape was last written.
     Unfortunately, I had no success.  I couldn't get past the end of tape
marker of the new volume I had just written at the beginning of the tape.

     I was hoping someone out there would be kind enough to help me.
If you know of a particular version of MT, TAR, some other utility, or  
some way of getting to the rest of my programs on the tape (there is  
approximately 3 Gigabytes of backups on this tape), it would be appreciated
     Essentially, I believe what I need is some program that will skip over
the END-OF-TAPE marker on the tape and search for the next volume on the  

     I have access to SUNs running SunOS 4.1 and Solaris, as well as PCs.  
Any suggestions and/or assistance would be appreciated.

Many thanks...

.. Stephen Bagshaw

P.S.  Mail replies would be appreciated -- if you think this may help some
other people out there, feel free to post to the thread.  I would appreciate

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