Securing printers / restricting printer access

Securing printers / restricting printer access

Post by Hani Ja » Sun, 22 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I work in a Solaris 2.5 environment.

A question has just been posed to me:  Is there an easy way to restrict
access to one of our printers to most of the users on the system,
allowing only a selected few to access it?

Thanks in advance.

Hani Jabr.

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: We have an HP5 series laser printer in our department that we would like
: to be able to use as a linux printer.  The problem is that we don't
: want everyone on campus to be able to print to it.  Just certain IP
: addresses or user ID's.  What can we do to accomplish this?  I would
: prefer to be able to print directly to it rather than to have to upload
: a file to the linux machine it is connected too, and then print from there.
: Can this be done using etc/hosts.lpd or something or is there another
: way to do it?  Any suggestions you can give me will be appreciated.  
: Thanks.
: Kevin

Look at 'man 5 printcap' ... specifically the 'rg' and 'rs' options.



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