/etc/exports on SCO Unix

/etc/exports on SCO Unix

Post by n.. » Mon, 14 Nov 1994 04:07:48

I'm having a problem using /etc/exports on SCO Unix.  I've used NFS on Suns
so I'm not sure why this is happening. I am exporting a directory to another

/u/homes        -access=machineX

When I try to mount /u/homes on machineX I get an "access denied" error.
When I take away the -access=machineX, I can mount just fine. Because
it's exported to everyone.  When I use the -access=machineX and I do
a showmount -e hostname, then it shows the directory is exported to machineX.
Also exportfs -v shows it exported to machineX.

Does SCO have a problem with this, or am I doing something foolish?


Nancy Milligan