SCSI disk recommendations

SCSI disk recommendations

Post by Ken Meeha » Sat, 02 Dec 1995 04:00:00


I am looking for some good recommendations for SCSI disk suppliers.
I have a very heterogenous development environment.  Looking for mostly
2GB external SCSI-2 disks.

I have had numerous problems with Seagate Hawk drives (especially on AIX)
and would prefer to avoid them.

Previously had good experience with Falcon as a vendor, pretty good support
when a did have one failure.

Thanks in advance,
Ken M.
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1. Formatting Zip Disks/SCSI card Recommendation

I have 2 questions that maybe I can get some info on.

I have tried to find information on how to format a zip drive to the
natve linux file format so that I can do regular backups to it, but the
man pages have been of no help on this issue.  I probably have missed
this simple point, but after two weeks of looking for myself, I though I
should finally ask on the newsgroups.

Secondly, I am almost completely free of my Window$ partition except for
one thing.  A scsi card that is supported under Linux.  I have read the
Red Hat Harware list and there are many to choose from.  I need it
basically for my external SCSI zip drive and my flat bed scanner. I
would prefer a PCI card as I have run out of ISA slots on my box.  What
would you folks recommend. It doesn't need to be real fancy - just needs
to get the job done.

I currently have one of the Initio INI-910U cards.  I tried recompiling
my kernel with their latest drivers, but all I got was a kernel panic
when I tried to boot with the floppy boot disk

Any thoughts?


Cliff Etzel
Publisher of Freediving Internet Magazine


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