Great opportunities for professionals ONLY!!!

Great opportunities for professionals ONLY!!!

Post by Peter Yo » Thu, 15 May 1997 04:00:00

If you are in the IT industry in any capacity, (admins, security,
contractors, programmers, CNE, MCSE any flavor of UNIX etc...) please
e-mail me your resume. I work for a hi tech IT recruiting agency in
Southern California with some MAJOR accounts, and we are always looking for
motivated professionals.

Hope to hear from you.

Peter Yoo
Braintec Corporation

(714) 833-8877 ext 3025

I currently have two openings:
1) UNIX Systems Administrator   60-70K DOE      
2) Product Support Engineer             50-60K DOE plus stock options

Please contact me if you are interested in either these or any other
positions, you never know, we may have them on order!!!!


1. Professional Information Technology Opportunities

Attn: Information technology professionals

Staffing Partners, CPC, is an executive recruiting firm specializing in
the placement of information technology professionals in New York, New
Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

We have an immediate need for candidates to present to client companies.

If interested, please fax or e-mail your resume to the attention of Ondrea

Further information available at

Staffing Partners
______________________________________________________    2701 Summer St.,Suite 200

phone: 203.363.2145          fax: 203.363.2173              

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