SAMBA on SunOS does not like NT4.0

SAMBA on SunOS does not like NT4.0

Post by Rick Stua » Wed, 23 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I am sure that this is obvious to someone out there.  We have
been happy campers using Samba to share UNIX file systems to
NT3.x clients.  However, we are now dealing with the process of
upgrading these clients to NT4.x.  The newly upgraded clients
are unable to find the Samba shares on the net.

Has anyone seen this problem and been able to fix it?

We upgraded Samba to samba-1.9.16p7 to no avail.


Rick Stuart


1. Help-PC likes linux so much won't run DOS

Hi.  My PC has developed an unusual problem, prbobably hardware
related but I had a few questions that might help isolate it.

The problem is that whenever I boot MS-DOS the system will freeze up
at seemingly random intervals-- sometimes during a directory, sometimes
at the "Enter new time prompt", sometimes in programs.  A virus scan showed
it to be clean, and this occurs for the system on the HD (I only have 5.0) +
several boot disks (all that I tried, including a borrowed 6.2).  It seems
like a major hardware problem.

The wierd part is that I run linux all the time with no such problems.  (I
currently am running 0.99 something, keep telling myself I should upgrade
but lazy).  I even run dosemu from linux (version 0.50 I believe) with no
problems other than speed (and a few problems with certain games which I
suspect are emulation problems-- rather regular and immediate).  

For completeness, the system is an aging Zeos 386SX 16MHz, 12Meg RAM, and
340Meg Maxtor HD split btwn DOS and linux.  

My general impression was that linux is a tougher test of hardware than
DOS, so this problem seems baffling.  The most sensible solution I can see
is a problem with the BIOS.  I just wanted to check a few "facts" before
considering finding new BIOS chips (assuming its possible, a AMI-386 cw 1989),

1) Linux does not use any BIOS routines except perhaps in early stages of
booting, rest of the stuff is handled by kernel, etc?
(An aside, my PC on rare occasions locks up on reboot, a ctrl-alt-del will
get it going though)

2) DOSEMU dos not use BIOS at all (DOSEMU uses linux kernel to emulate them)?

If anyone could verify the above "facts", or if anyone has any suggestions
brilliant or otherwise as to what the problem might be (or where to get
some 386 BIOSes cheap), I'd be grateful.  Until then, my PC is a linux-only
box (not too bad a loss, but miss a few games).

                                Tom Payerle

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