wanted: X-based prioritized task list maintenance application

wanted: X-based prioritized task list maintenance application

Post by Leonard Sitong » Wed, 03 Apr 1991 08:21:17

I maintain a list of things to do (use requests for help, new
installations, problems, etc.) in a simple text file.  When I complete a
task, I delete the line in the file.  That doesn't give me any record of
what I've done.

I do use the Rand MH-based "trouble" queue facility, and that is an
improvement.  I suppose I could configure it for a private mail queue
and use an X interface to mail to manage it.

Does anyone have/use an X-based facility to manage their list of things
to do?  It would be nice if it would allow one to click a button to
"open" a problem report, assign a priority, and save the text when the
problem has been completed.


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What you would want to use is have the web server make RPC calls to the
machine you are on (you can obtain the IP address by using the
$ENV{REMOTE_HOST}) to execute programs on your local machine.  Granted this
will mean you will have to design a RPC server and install it on machines you
will be at.  But it will work.

I'm using this method to have anyone send data filled on on a web form to a
CAD server residing elsewhere on the network to parse the values and
automatically create and print files that contains the CAD drawings.

open(G,"|gzip -dc");$_=<<EOF;s/[0-9a-f]+/print G pack("h*",$&)/eg

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