92 Re: unix/mac/novell backup solutions?

92 Re: unix/mac/novell backup solutions?

Post by Pedro Ybar » Sat, 07 May 1994 03:42:09

Is this a Network Backup package???

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>  Are there any commercial solutions out there which
>come close to a plug and play solution for backing up
>to Exabyte or DAT tape for combined UNIX/MAC/Novell

>Thanks in advance for any replies.

Yes. There is a product called SM-arch, from Software Moguls, Inc.,
which will do what you want. I've been looking for the same thing
myself for a while now, and this seems to be the only solution on
the market today. I am currently evaluating it, and it seems to be
working well so far.

Their main phone number is (612) 933-8790. Send me email if you'd
like to talk further about it.


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